The PMS is the heart of your business, helping you organising, scheduling and performing your day-to-day operations and transactions in your property.

At DigiImpactX we understand how important it is to have highly effective and reliable connectivity to your PMS. This is why we provide top-notch two-way connectivity with more than 150 PMS. Connecting your PMS, with a strong Channel Manager enables you to convert all your availability into bookings.

You can manage all of your availabilities from your PMS and avoid the risk of overbookings and guarantee rate parity across all channels.


BOOKING ENGINE Your hotel’s website should be your most profitable sales channel.

Our fully integrated booking engine will boost your conversion rate and turn your website into your hotel’s highest-yielding shop window.


We connect your hotel to GDS and help you increase your visibility to thousands of Travel Agents and corporate buyers on a global scale.


The Central Inventory System is at the heart of your CRS. From there, manage your rates and inventory, access your reports, and configure your system. Our Central Inventory is powerful and user-friendly. We’ve built it with our users so you can easily build complex and successful strategies.


Benefit from automated payment gateway solutions, that simplify and enhance the payment experience for hotels as well as their guests! Our solutions enable hoteliers to accept and provide more payment methods, authorise more transactions and simplify operations. We’ve done all the heavy lifting so that you can focus on growing your business. Fully integrated with the ResNet CRS, our solutions enable advanced hotel payment processing on all booking channels, all throughout the booking journey.